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Tournament point-system “Single-Elimination”

Every interested player/team joins the tournament via league page. If the league was set
as a one-time tournament , players will be registered directly after joining the league.
If the tournament is an add-on of the league – a league event – each player will have to sign into the tournament.

Rules for teams
In every tournament a minimum number of team members can be set by the admins.
You can not join the tournament until your team has reached that specific number.

Example: 5 players + 2 substitutes = 7
Once you have reached 7 players you can join the tournament.
(Exception can be set by the admin.)

Place a team where you want it
It is possible to place a team into a specific position in the roster.
The roster is numbered from 1-X (Max. number of players).
Now you can choose any position in the roster to place the team
on top (Example “1”) or on the bottom (Example “32”).
You should make sure that each team got a Team-I.D., otherwise
the roster will be set randomly.

ABD → has Team I.D. “1” → is placed on slot 16
BCD → had Team I.D. “2” → is placed on slot 8

That is how you control the whole thing.

Number of players
At least 50% of the slots need to be taken before the tournament can
start. Optionally the number of players can be decreased.

Course of the tournament
Usually the matches of each round should be reported until a specific time.
This deadline should be checked by the admins of the tournament.

Game report
One member of the team has to report the result of the match. If the report is incorrect
if can be arraigned. That is when the admin checks the result.

Point system
The winner will get 1 point – the loser 0. The one with the most points
will charge straight to the next round. The loser will be knocked out.
This will continue until only one player is left.

Winner → 1 point → Next round
Loser → 0 points → KNOCK OUT!
Draw? There ain't no draw! Check the rules

Match for third place
It is possible to set a third-place play-off. (optional)

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Ghosts Tournament #1 | XBOXONE

Total Slots: 32 | Participants

Your Time: 

Mode: team | Single-Elimination
Status: Not Finished
Duration of one round:manual
Match Schedule | Cup Roster

Tournament has not started. Please start tournament, so the games can begin!

No Players joined till now

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