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 Forums Support  >> Report a game

Tue, 14 Jul 15 17:51:23 +0200
How to report a game ??? 

Use 2 choices, first direct report

or when a pbem or running game (use overview Games->Continue Games) -> go to report game (under players, besides confirm game settings)

Then decide if it was a team game or ffa game (or duel game).
First select -> amount of human players (not computer players)
In a ffa game, every player get his own teamnr and posnumber
In a team game, all teamplayers get same team nr and pos number

Then Confirm with next Step

Use a report file than evidence (best is savegame), or a screen (choose file in your computer)

Check result, for example if all players are in, check quitters, check if it was ffa or team

Confirm Result!

Perfect and Thanx.
Use links on page for visiting results and rankings (report is at once written on page)

File 11aowreport4.jpg
File 11aowreport5.jpg
File 11aowreport6.jpg
File 11aowreport3.jpg
File 11aowreport1.jpg
File 11aowreport2.jpg
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