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Current game Round 2 : 2019 PBEM Duel Tournament #26  (Organisator Hiliadan) - PBEM Game

When everyone knows the values (classes / races, leaders) of others or at the end of the game, the values can be updated on this page, which will feed the meta statistics (please avoid revealing your or other player’s values when it may provide strategic information to your opponents).

Pos: Players name: Playtime ClassesRacesTeam Rate

Published on 2019-10-07 00:16:54
| Confirmed by batbl4

Confirmed by batbl4

Published on 2019-09-01 17:37:20
| Written by phirpo

just in time before rrrookie would have come around the corner haha

Published on 2019-08-27 14:10:01

batbl really made me work for this one. Finally, in turn 7 I emerged victorious. Bilbo the halfling survives for future adventure.

Published on 2019-08-27 14:10:00

Match has been reported, please confirm!

Published on 2019-08-26 23:07:30

Ok I see... A shame. rrrrookie can you please report to also fill your class/race?

Published on 2019-08-26 17:51:21

Nothing wrong happeneds. I've made a lot of mistakes and surrender.

Published on 2019-08-26 12:38:48

Turn 6 or 7. We have not made contact yet so I am not sure what happened.

Published on 2019-08-24 00:16:02

What happened exactly? Which turn did you reach?

Published on 2019-08-23 00:26:08

Okay thank you. If you end your turn then I can take screenshots and everything to record the game.

Published on 2019-08-23 00:25:28
System notification | Round 2 : 2019 PBEM Duel Tournament #26

Please click here to read the rules.

In order to avoid advantaging one team or the other, for each match, the team who will host the match was randomly selected.
The first team in the "turn order" above (who is also the team on top in the tree here) must host the game.

Any of the players in the team can host.
Tournament Game #26 Round !

When players do not show up for their match, the Tournament Judges have the right to change the match!

Published on 2019-08-21 19:41:44

I give up. Thanks for game.

Published on 2019-08-14 14:08:30

I will be on a trip August 15-18. Can you please keep the turn timer off until Monday, August 19?

Published on 2019-08-13 00:37:51

Thank you Hiliadan!

@batbl good luck and have fun!

Published on 2019-08-12 22:55:35

Thank you, Hiliadan)

Published on 2019-08-12 22:35:56

Ok we have everyone's class/race, you're good to go. Good luck and have fun!

Published on 2019-08-11 23:42:11

Ok, settings are good.
We still need your class/race. Please send it to marcuspers, Jonny Thunder and me here:

Published on 2019-08-11 17:29:53

Published on 2019-08-10 19:07:09

Hi batbl4, thanks for hosting. A few issues:
- you need to be in slot #2 (this requires a rehost as it otherwise usually causes bugs)
- the turn timer needs to be removed for turn 1 and started only after (same, it otherwise causes bugs)

So please rehost and repost screenshots (not required for the turn timer and password).

Also, please send your class/race by PM to judges before the game starts.
Please wait for the greenlight of judges to start.

Published on 2019-08-09 17:27:14

Published on 2019-08-07 22:08:18

Hi! Round 2 has started, please send both players' class/race to judges. batbl4 is hosting, please post screenshots of the settings here ASAP.