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Game #323 | 1vs1vs1vs1vs1

    Jean_de_Metz vs      gladis vs      EarL1893 vs      MARKYMARK vs      BLACKCAT

I would like to 

Match Details
Rating  2 - Nice Game
Amount of Humans:5
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 66
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 Jean_de_MetzArchdruidTigrans273360here
1 gladisTheocratTigrans22900here
2 EarL1893SorcererDraconians1-150-24here
2 MARKYMARKSorcererHumans1-130-24here
2 BLACKCATArchdruidHalflings1-150-24here

Posts to the game:

Published on 2016-06-13 18:53:03
| Bestätigt durch BLACKCAT

Bestätigt durch BLACKCAT

Published on 2016-06-03 14:37:14
| Bestätigt durch BLACKCAT

GG thx

Published on 2016-06-03 13:04:11
| Confirmed by Jean_de_Metz

Confirmed by Jean_de_Metz

Published on 2016-06-02 23:43:08
| Bestätigt durch EarL1893

Bestätigt durch EarL1893

Published on 2016-06-02 22:52:58
| Confirmed by MARKYMARK

Thank you too for the match.

Very good played from Gladis/ Jean.
After the alliance with blackcat/earl, i try to stop gladis in beating blackcat.
But question was: fast enough to help out blackat?

Then i have found him, and we have seen blackcat. But blackcat maked a false move (please check turn order nex time), and jean has beaten us in row instead a great battle togehter (with better chance for us).

After this i tried to make a defense aganist gladis/Jean with much eagles, but this strategie failed. Too less stacks and i tried to make an offense with 4vs3 (they has 2 stacks more). But i lost.
Earl was too away....

Published on 2016-06-02 22:12:48
| 323 | Age of Wonders 3

Match has been reported, please confirm!

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Published on 2016-06-02 22:40:08
| 323 | Age of Wonders 3

Nice game.

I started NE of the map and send my cherubs in all directions.
As I found Marks capitol in the south undefended, I went in, but get killed immediately.

Blackcat was my real enemy cause he was next to me in the NW. I was able to take his fortress between our starting positions and held it for a while. As I killed his builder too, he was running out of ressources. He was able to kill my vassalls in the South of his capitol and send all his forces to the fortress. I think I would´ve won the battle but with heavy losses, so I burnt it down and run away. He was desparate to get his income back as I would have sieged him to starving (very bad english
As I had some flying units I was able to kill his vassal on an island in the meantime and made pressure at his throne.

Pretty from the start I had a peace offer from Jean which I accepted (Had already 2 enemies)
After all 5 of us decided that both of us will form an alliance and fight against the 3 others we made war plans. As Jean was the only player in UG and totally unscoutet by our enemies, he went a long way to Blackcat´s throne to set his poor life to an end. He had already a king serpent, and other T3 spiders and serpents. In the meantime I build up defences and levelled with my mobile stack which I managed to grow. This was the only logic decision because it was very sure that Mark and Blackcat wanted to set me under pressure with all their troops.

In the end Mark didn´t attack my territory, but the Vassals in the south of Blackcat´s throne which I managed to conquer some rounds ago a 2nd time. In the meantime Jean got near to Blackcat´s throne by an UG entrance at the NW which seems totally unscouted. Mark and Blackcat came too late to defend the throne by thier stacks. After Jean had conquered it, he was able to kill both stacks of the enemies. As I hat levelled my stacks very well in the meantime and had pretty good defence and infrastructure it seems that the game was decided already. We marched to Mark´s throne and were able to attack some cities before defeating him.

Afterwards we went to Earl deep in the SW and found his territory quite undefended. He came with a strong army with some ghouls but too late as well. So he decided to give up.

Thx for the match!

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Published on 2016-05-17 21:25:55

Yes aggreed, have talked in steam.

Published on 2016-05-15 01:35:23
| 2v3?

Jean and I would like to form an alliance and play the game as a 2v3?
I´m quite sure you haven´t fight each others except scout fights, I rather think Blackcat and Mark are rolling ther troops my way 

Is this ok? We could wait for making an alliance because you need time to form yours?

Published on 2016-04-24 13:08:27

Game Open in aow3

Published on 2016-04-24 13:07:37
System notification | 1vs1vs1vs1vs1

We Play with Mod->

Map Settings: Medium+UG
Strong Defenders
Hereos 3+1
All others normal!

Published on 2016-04-24 13:07:37
System notification | Information 1vs1vs1vs1vs1

gladis joined !!

Published on 2016-04-24 13:04:54
System notification | Information 1vs1vs1vs1vs1

EarL1893 joined !!

Published on 2016-04-24 13:04:51
System notification | Information 1vs1vs1vs1vs1

BLACKCAT joined !!

Published on 2016-04-24 13:03:41
System notification | Information 1vs1vs1vs1vs1

Jean_de_Metz joined !!