Game #444 Tournament game#12 | Round 2 : PBEM 2v2 team tournament 2016 #12

Jean_de_Metz vs  Melciar vs  rrrrookie vs  Jonny Thunder

Match Details

Rating 3 - Regular Game
Amount of Humans:4
Kind of Report:PBEM 2v2 team tournament 2016
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 63
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 Jean_de_MetzRogueTigrans1900here
1 MelciarDreadnoughtHumans139190here
2 rrrrookieSorcererDraconians200-39here
2 Jonny ThunderTheocratOrcs2-150-30here
Posts to the game:
Published on 2017-02-03 11:53:34

Confirmed by Jonny Thunder

Good game, i had a slow start and had my main army far from home when Jean started invading Roookie and me with a big undead army. We could manage a counterattack and take his cities but he managed to come with a lot of giants against us there. He had 2 necro heros and lots of bards to do the charming, we were just overwhelmed by numbers of high tier units.

Published on 2017-02-02 18:46:38

Confirmed by rrrrookie

Good game. Best of luck to you two in the rest of the tournament.  Edit. Whoops. I thought 4 was a good rating but it is not. haha

Published on 2017-02-02 16:59:39

Judges confirm the victory of Jean and Melciar. Please report the game.

Published on 2017-02-01 17:46:04

Proof provided by Jean considered adequate by judges (it shows it was indeed an upload problem and not a reload). So Jean gets a Warning for reload with appropriate proof. We're confirming the result (win or loss), round 3 should probably officially start tomorrow.

Published on 2017-02-01 13:32:45

The score

Melciar surrended and sent me the screenshot of the final score. Looks like he is even worse than me at the nagivation on the forum XD so I have to post it for him.  Adolf is Melciar, Mad Jon - Jonny (looks like this time it's something scottish ), Franklin - Rookie and Jean is Jean. 

Published on 2017-01-31 22:37:17

Good game guys. You deserve it. You controlled the game Jean. You made very good decisions on the world map. 

Published on 2017-01-31 22:24:51

Hey! Thanks for the game, Jonny and Rookie. It was very tough for me, I think I was a bit lucky too. I wish you good luck in the next roundS too  

Published on 2017-01-31 19:25:04

I played my turn, melciar is last. No doubt Jean and Melciar won. Great play from Jean, not many chances for us to win against so many tier 3 and 4s. It was pretty clear, so it´s ok for me to end now. Points must show the very high difference. Good luck for the next games

Published on 2017-01-31 18:27:58

Hello there! Round 2 ends in 5 hours 30 minutes more or less. When this deadline expires, please finish the ongoing turn (so if it's turn 40 for instance, you play it until last player alive on turn 40), then the last player in the turn order surrenders (after playing his turn to gain points), takes screenshots of all the scores and then post them here and/or sends them to the judges. Judges will confirm the winner based on cumulated score. Sorry for this end... Please think about your round 3 picks and send them to judges when you're ready. Round 3 should start immediately after your game and the other one unfinished end.

Published on 2017-01-29 05:15:44

You can continue. I saw the proof sent by Jean, waiting for other judges' feedback but in any case, you can continue, we have the elements to take a decision on the type of warning given. From what I saw, it was indeed a false notification.

Published on 2017-01-28 14:22:31

Unfortunately, when I finished my turn and pressed "end turn" it wouldn't upload on the server. I cancelled, wanted to try once again but...ironman mod notification =)  Ran in debug mod, log sent to Hiliadan, waiting for orders.

Published on 2017-01-27 18:22:59

Another big battle, now with all 3 surviving players involved. And we won it ^^

Published on 2017-01-25 15:09:33

Splendid, thanks :-) i´ll try to play as fast as i can

Published on 2017-01-24 11:47:39

I'll turn of the timer. Would be very good if we made some more turns though.

Published on 2017-01-24 10:56:58

Sorry that your game is likely to be ended before it's finished. But unfortunately, the departure of cbower, gladis, EarL and mauve shows it's necessary to keep rounds as short as possible. I think the best would be to continue until the deadline, you can remove turn timer as it's exceptional. However, as you may be close to big battles which may or may not happen depending when the game ends, it might be tricky to continue like this. Still, I think it would be best to remove turn timer and continue until deadline and then check scores (that's my own point of view, didn't ask other judges).

Published on 2017-01-24 10:33:39

Hello, Jonny! It's a bit tricky situation, yeah. Me and Melciar are in a much more favorable position now, for me it would be interesting to play the game till the very end but Hiliadan won't extend the round anymore so we have just a week left. And if you don't have time to make your turns in time now I have no idea what decision is the best here. You can surrender if you want but it must be your decision.

Published on 2017-01-24 10:22:28

Having busy days ahead this week, it seems i won´t get home to play my turn in time, that goes also for tomorrow. Lot´s of appointments and stuff. Since i can´t expect to win this game anymore regarding Jeans power, i am offering my surrender. If you want me to play on thats cool but you better turn of the timer.

Published on 2017-01-23 07:37:29

Yeah, sorry sunday was very busy. Played the turn this morning

Published on 2017-01-22 20:18:17

Hey, Jonny, you ran out of timer so I turned it off. 

Published on 2017-01-22 10:20:16

Turn timer on

Turn timer on once again. 

Published on 2017-01-21 07:09:11

I did play the turn. Woke up early, just bad news.

Published on 2017-01-20 15:14:06

Jonny, since you will be away tomorrow, please, try to make your turn today or tomorrow in the morning before you leave. Would be very nice! Yours,  Jean

Published on 2017-01-19 21:11:53

Ok, got it. Will be done, don't worry Have a nice party!

Published on 2017-01-19 20:04:50

I can´t play on saturday, going for a stack party that will last whole day. Will play the turn on sunday, so pls deactivate the timer on saturday :-)

Published on 2017-01-13 19:55:31

Thanks for the efford. Let´s get rolling again. If the devs could just tell how to check the log files for the bug, in the future all you have to do is post that file to check for everyone. That would solve the matter. But i guess in the file it´s not to see if you download the save game for the first time. That information must be stored at the server.

Published on 2017-01-13 14:57:12

Turn timer on

Ok, fine, let's continue. I remind all the players that the timer is on now - 1 day per turn. I'd prefer to play without it but since we're running out of time we need to hurry

Published on 2017-01-13 14:55:50

Answer was quick! So except if the devs can confirm us there was a bug, in which case, we'll change the warning retro-actively, it is unfortunately a reload without adequate proof (as this issue cannot be proved ). So that's a warning for reload without adequate proof. Jonny had 2 warnings in round 1, one of which was justified by proof. You can continue the game. Good luck for the final battles!

Published on 2017-01-13 14:36:59

I just sent a PM to the other 2 judges to see what we do. (you should have sent the PM to us Jonny, even if I wrote here, I forgot to warn the other 2 judges

Published on 2017-01-12 18:06:03

I did sent the file to Arnout from triumph support. After i got the notification i left the game and restart to get the notification again, but thats in the second log file. So the first log file should still be useful.

Published on 2017-01-12 17:21:04

What's the size of the save? I think that might be linked.

Published on 2017-01-12 17:01:40

Ok good. You need to report ALL occurences of this, not just for the tournament, otherwise we'll never fix it. It's not the first time I hear the previous turn was sent only minutes ago, so that may definitely be linked. The debug log from when the notification appeared the 1st time may be useful (as it should show if there was any download issue for instance). Logs from people who had clicked "No" and then come back to the screen and get the notification a 2nd time seem useless unfortunately.

Published on 2017-01-12 16:21:38

I post a shot from the log file directory. It occured on 15:59 after which i left the game and restart but notification still there. I´ll send triumph the files

Published on 2017-01-12 16:13:46

Yeah, i have the debug log and so on. Jean finished his turn at 15:48, so i started mine a few minutes afterwards. Connection is fine, but that notification keeps on popping up from time to time. Just the day before yesterday i got the last one.

Published on 2017-01-12 16:10:10

Jonny, I think you are playing on debug mode for tournament, aren't you? Any log? Date and time of the appearance of the notification for Triumph to investigate? Any connection loss or something?

Published on 2017-01-12 16:05:52

I tried to play my turn, got iron man notification after downloading. Did press no and wait for warning for unjustificated reload

Published on 2017-01-09 19:21:23

I was not trolling but venting in frustration over the fact that I had a possible chance to eliminate Melciar but I blew it.