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Elo Pointsystem for duel leagues(without startbonus)

Point System and Ranking System

About the pointsystem
A good Ranking needs a good and fair Point System to rank and classify the

What is the ranking system?
Based on the Pointsystem, the Players are sorted descending after Points,
Players with more Points are on top and Players with less Points are underneath.

Who is ranked in the Ranking ?
All Players who have at least played ONE game ! It is not that easy to defeat Human Players ! Startplayers (700-1000) are classified than Beginners, exp. Players (1000-1500/2000) than Veteran, good players (1500/2000-2000/3000) than Elite and perfect Players than Master (2000/3000-3000/4000). Values are dependly from the amount of activ players.

Which ranks can be achieved ?
Beginners: just play
Veteran: > achieve easy more than 1000 points
Elite: Tourneywinners and setted from Council or achieving points
Master: Leaguewinners and setted from Coucil or achieving points

Starting Conditions
A Player starts the Ranking with 1000 Points and is listed in the Ranking when he has played at least ONE match. Players without at least ONE played Game will be listed but unranked ! Start Players get no Minuspoints

Elo-number == Rankingpoints
Every Players get an ELO Value, when players has no points in Ranking (because not playing) he get his first Number 700 Points. Seeing Starting Conditions

This number will be multiplicated at last. More K-Number means more points, or more minuspoints. That are the Dependies:
less than 30 games: 50
less than 2400 (1750) Points: 30
when not: 20

Difference number
Difference are computed from own Elo-number with other Elo-number
Player1 = 1800 Ranking Points. Player2 = 2400 Ranking Points
Difference1 for Player1 1800 - 2400 = -600
Difference2 for Player2 2400 - 188 = 600

Result number
This number represent your result in Game, 1 stands for win, 0 for losts
when tied = 1 * (amount teams - RankinGame) / (amount teams - 1)
Win = 1
Losts = 0

Player 1 beat Players2, Player3
Player1 = 1 (win)
Player2 = 1 *(3-2) / (3 - 1)= 0,5 (tied)
Player3 = 0 (lost)

The Expectation will be computed per Formulare from Professor Elo. This number represent your
Probability in Game, better players have a greater Expectation to win.

Expectationnumber = 0,5 + 1,4217 x 0,001 x Difference number
- 2,4336 x 0,0000001 x Difference number x Abs Difference number
- 2,514 x 0,000000001 x Difference number x (Abs Difference number)*2
+ 1,9910 x 0,000000000001 x Difference number x (Abs Difference number)*3

Player1 = 0,5 + 1,4217 x 0,001 x (-600) ==> -0,35302
- 2,4336 x 0,0000001 x (-600) x (600) ==> -0,0876096
- 2,514 x 0,000000001 x (-600) x (600)*2 ==> -0,543024
+ 1,9910 x 0,000000000001 x -600 x (600)*3 ==> -0,2580336
=== 0,01958

Player2 = 0,5 + 1,4217 x 0,001 x (600) ==> 1,35302
- 2,4336 x 0,0000001 x (600) x (600) ==> 0,0876096
- 2,514 x 0,000000001 x (600) x (600)*2 ==> 0,543024
+ 1,9910 x 0,000000000001 x 600 x (600)*3 ==> 0,2580336
=== 0,98042


The Change is the real result of the player, dependly from Expaction. Multiplikated from the

Change = ( Result - Expectation ) x K

Player1 = (1 - 0,01958) x 30 (under 2400) = 29,4126
Player2 = (0-0,98042) x 20 (normal) = -19,6084

Surpluses / subtraction
Players who are bader in gamerank will be added, players who was better will be subtracted.
So can players win more points, when more opponents are in. But too more loosing points.

Change ->PlayerA PlayerB PlayerC
Player A 30 20 = 50 for Player A
Player B -30 15 = -15 for Player B
Player C -15 -20 = -35 for Player C

Result: That makes 50 Rankingpoints for Player A. B and C will lost points.

After the Game
The Winner or one of the player in the game will reports the game ( WINNER ALWAYS REPORT ! )at the related!
All losers and the Admin get an Email Report about the Game. Everyone can
delete the report was not correct or contact the admin, so we can check it and
maybe change the report and clear the situation. So always check the
Report ! Please not forgot to rate Players and Game.
Contact us when something is wrong, that helps up to upkeep our fair Ranking !

Computing of Ranking Points
Every Result in duel ffa league will influece the Ranking. All Players (except Players who take over last position) who played a game will get a new amount of Points!

back to our Example
Player 1 won nearly 30 Points which means :
1800 in Ranking + 30 from his Report = in the updated Ranking he will have
1830 Points.
Player 2 losts nearly 20 Points :
2400 in ranking - 20 from the Game Report = in the updated Ranking he will
have 2380 Points.

No Tournament Bonus

Tournament games not influence the ranking.

Ranking Order

Only Players with at least ONE game get ranked ! After the report the
ranking will be sorted descending.
The Player with the most Points leading the Ranking. Players with less
Points are the last in the Ranking.

[Further Rules / Exceptions]
1) Guarantee for every beaten Player == 5 Points (see computing insert Points)
2) A loser can never win Points.
3) If Ranking are very activ, we will include an extra Rank factor ( beating the best you will get a benefit) ). Only when wished.
4) League Bonus / Penalty depending on the Game. Check the Games Forums for more Infos. Only when wished.
5) Quitter Penaly -20 points
6) SUBPLAYER is a symbolic Player, which stand for a human Players.
When the orginal Player was banned in the meantime or he cant anymore play and someone other overtake
7) Elite Players can not go down under 2000. Only when wished.
8) Master Players can not go down under 3000. Only when wished.

If you have any questions, please contact the Support.

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