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Tourney won by Player gabthegab !!(Tourney)A great tourney eventually found his earned end!

A tourney ended successfully:

Thanks to all those who participated in this tourney !!
Congrats to the winner(s)! And a big thanks to the organizer Hiliadan!
The following matches were played:

<a href="" >Round 1: Game#1 Ezekiel beat Gilafron </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#2 Jundland Banshee beat xlnt </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#3 Mr. Hawk beat Skuns453Lirik902 </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#4 Olop beat Castaneda </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#5 marcuspers beat chiveicrook </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#6 HellBrick beat Imperium </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#7 personian beat Bishmanrock</a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#8 gabthegab beat El_Lobo </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#9 Zytozid beat natnat </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#10 rrrrookie beat DreadReapr </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#11 Hiliadan beat Melciar </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#12 DarkRider beat BLACKCAT </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#13 gladis beat rickyroo222</a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#14 Jean_de_Metz beat MARKYMARK </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#15 $eeR beat THE RANGER</a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#16 Tussell beat AlXStormrage </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#17 Ezekiel beat Jundland Banshee</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#18 Olop beat Mr. Hawk </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#19 HellBrick beat marcuspers </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#20 gabthegab beat personian </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#21 rrrrookie beat Zytozid </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#22 DarkRider beat Hiliadan </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#23 Jean_de_Metz beat gladis</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#24 $eeR beat Tussell</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#25 xlnt beat Gilafron</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#26 Skuns453Lirik902 beat Castaneda </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#27 chiveicrook beat Imperium </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#28 El_Lobo beat Bishmanrock</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#29 DreadReapr beat natnat </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#30 Melciar beat BLACKCAT </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#31 rickyroo222 beat MARKYMARK</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#32 AlXStormrage beat THE RANGER </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#33 Ezekiel beat Olop</a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#34 gabthegab beat HellBrick</a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#35 rrrrookie beat DarkRider </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#36 Jean_de_Metz beat $eeR </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#37 xlnt beat Tussell </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#38 Skuns453Lirik902 beat gladis </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#39 Hiliadan beat chiveicrook </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#40 El_Lobo beat Zytozid </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#41 DreadReapr beat personian </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#42 marcuspers beat Melciar </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#43 Mr. Hawk beat rickyroo222 </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#44 AlXStormrage beat Jundland Banshee </a><br><a href="" >Round 4: Game#45 xlnt beat Skuns453Lirik902 </a><br><a href="" >Round 4: Game#46 Hiliadan beat El_Lobo </a><br><a href="" >Round 4: Game#47 marcuspers beat DreadReapr </a><br><a href="" >Round 4: Game#48 AlXStormrage beat Mr. Hawk </a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#49 gabthegab beat Ezekiel </a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#50 Jean_de_Metz beat rrrrookie </a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#51 xlnt beat $eeR</a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#52 Hiliadan beat Mr. Hawk </a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#53 marcuspers beat HellBrick </a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#54 AlXStormrage beat Olop </a><br><a href="" >Round 6: Game#55 Hiliadan beat xlnt</a><br><a href="" >Round 6: Game#56 marcuspers beat AlXStormrage </a><br><a href="" >Round 7: Game#57 Jean_de_Metz beat gabthegab </a><br><a href="" >Round 7: Game#58 Hiliadan beat rrrrookie </a><br><a href="" >Round 7: Game#59 marcuspers beat Ezekiel </a><br><a href="" >Round 8: Game#60 Hiliadan beat marcuspers </a><br><a href="" >Round 9: Game#61 gabthegab beat Hiliadan </a><br><a href="" >Round 10: Game#62 gabthegab beat Jean_de_Metz </a><br>

And the winner was gabthegab.
He will get an extra place in our Hall of Fame!

Good luck and have fun in the next tourneys!

Created on: 18.10.2018 at 23:18:01

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