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Sun, 13 Sep 15 16:05:06 +0200

Find a common game-date 

You'll see the option to create on games and invite other players (use ladder or league page).

Create a game, so others can see it on the page (in the playersradio chat, or on the main page).

After creating the game, you will be redirected so that you can enter your schedules for the next week.

He take over the seetings from your playtime (Timezone and playtime). It is important to set this to your location..

Note that if you want to play on a night when you need 20-24 clock 
and submit 0-3 the next day. See image.

Ask now your friends, whether they can join the game, make the forum or elsewhere attention, 
so that as manysee your game and have time.

If you're the owner of your leagues page, you can also use for the newsletter function or 
create a collective game
(Example ==>

There, anyone can enter, who wants to play. 
About the collection game, you can then write all automatically and others can draw attention to your game.

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File 14gameopen3.PNG
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