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Interview of Hiliadan - 3rd of the 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament
Interested in getting some insights into the strategies of some of the best players of AoW3? Want to know what they think are the best combos and units? This is the first of a series of 3 interviews with the players who qualified for the final phase of the 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament. This article present the third of this 32 players tournament.

2018-11-01 12:38:58| Posted by Hiliadan

Hiliadan is currently ranked #3 with 1150 points on the Battlefield. He is far below Jean de Metz (1260) and gabthegab (1368), the two players who got to the finale of the Tournament and who are also ranked #2 and #3 of the general ranking, meaning he has a 35% and 22% chance of beating them respectively (based on the Elo formula used in the ranking system). Hiliadan is only slightly ahead of a 4 other players with more than 1100 ranking points: Tussel, AlXStormrage, Marcuspers and Ezekiel, and he is actually ranked below them in the PBEM ranking. Due to its current ranking, he is considered a Master of AoW3 (top 10% of Veteran players), like gab and Jean. Despite the 2nd lowest win ratio (64%) of the top 7, he has defeated all but Jean, gab and Tussel (which he never met in duel) in 1vs1.
He got defeated by gabthegab in semi-final of the 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament, trying a desperate strategy of clearing all the map in search for a strong secret spell to beat gab, as his videos of the match explain. In the 2016 PBEM 2vs2 Tournament, he played with rickyroo and got defeated by rrrrookie and Jonny Thunder in an epic match, also available in videos.
Hiliadan published videos of all his matches in the loser bracket of the 2vs2 and Duel Tournaments, you can find them on his YouTube channel and on the AoW3 video library (except for the most recent ones), where videos are also classified by site, so that you can easily learn site clearing techniques.

Hiliadan's results, moving away from his initial favourites Goblin Theocrat and Dwarf Dreadnought to experiment with more classes and races as time went by

1/ First a little background on your IRL (if it’s not secret!): where are you from and how old are you?
Hiliadan: I’m from France like gabthegab! I lived in China for 3 years between 2015 and 2018 (and sometimes the access to AoW3’s servers from there was slow! ) and now I live in Paris. I’m 29 years old.

2/ When did you start playing AoW and AoW3?
Hiliadan: The first time I saw an AoW title was when I was in Junior High School and I went to a friend’s house and saw him playing AoW2. I think he was playing the campaign and was fighting Karissa. The visuals just totally charmed me, I loved the fantasy atmosphere which lets you really enter a different world and feel like you were a real Wizard! A few weeks passed and then I managed to get a copy of AoW2 and I totally loved it. I had played some Heroes of Might and Magic around the same time but didn’t like it much. Later, when AoW:SM came out, I also played it. I loved to play Mab, I just loved her and loved Goblins (Karagh!!!!), I played a map where you faced Serena, Tempest, Nekron and Yaka many many times, loved that map, I think it had a name with "Mountain" in it, and there were very good cities in the middle of the map UG. I tried the campaign but failed because the 1st mission was very hard. Much later, I started playing AoW2 again and just beat the campaign relatively easily, I guess I had improved. AoW2 is really part of a few games I really loved (together with Baldur’s Gate 2 for instance). When I heard AoW3 was in the making, I followed that closely and I pre-ordered it. I also bought all the DLC at launch. I was not disappointed! I feel like AoW2’s atmosphere was more captivating but I really enjoy AoW3 a lot and that’s the only game I’ve been playing, basically daily, since its launch.
I met the guys at Triumph recently when I was in the Netherlands and they’re really cool and love what they do, and you can feel that in AoW.

3/ Do you usually play AoW3 in single player, PBEM or multiplayer?
Hiliadan: I stopped playing single player a while ago and have been playing only PBEM since then, for close to 3 years now.
Live MP would be nice but it’s too time-intensive as you need to be online for a long time in a row (though in theory you can save and start again later) and that’s not really compatible with my lifestyle. The AI is not good enough for single player to remain interesting but PBEM makes it possible to face real challenge vs humans while keeping a good deal of flexibility. I hope at some stage Triumph manages to add "tactical battle PBEM" in future games.

4/ How did you choose your combos during the tournament?
Hiliadan: I made a list of all the interesting race choices for each class (in this tournament you can play a given race or class only once until you have played all classes, then the counter resets and you can replay everything again). Then I tried to see how I could choose the best race/class combinations: for instance Draconians can be quite good Rogue (backstabbing Flyer and Fast Healing good for a class without healing), Necro (Fire protection, mana) and Sorcerer. In the end, I went for Draconian Sorcerer as I considered other races could do a better job for the 2 other classes.
You can hear the reasoning behind all my class/race choices in my videos.
I also considered what my opponents could play, and that was especially true in the later rounds, starting on round 6 vs xlnt. As you can see on the screenshot, I listed what my opponent could play and I tried to take a good counter, or at least avoid choosing something my opponent would counter easily. So for instance, I anticipated xlnt would take Tigran Necro vs me and that’s what he did. I could choose between Necro or Theo. I went for Necro because I was quite worried by that match and I knew I could make more mistakes while playing Necro, without paying the price, and Necro vs Necro is an open match-up.

5/ What is your favourite class/race and why? With what specialisations?
Hiliadan: I used to play a lot of Goblin Theocrat and I really liked the fast expansion it allows. I loved Goblins in AoW2 but they’re not the strongest race to play in competitive PBEM so I have shunned them a bit recently (I did play Goblin AD in the tournament though). Now my favourite class is probably Rogue because its gameplay really fits my style: I love to scout my opponents with Crows and harrass them, conceal my units, use strategic spells to crush their economies without fighting any big battles… I’m not yet clear about the best race to play with Rogue. Human is strong. Frostling is also quite interesting. Partisan and Destruction Adept are two very strong choices here for cheaper units at Inns, cheaper Vassals, concealed units with Partisan Army and Hasty Plunder + Scorched Earth.
Otherwise, I find Tigran Warlord with Grey Guard Master really really strong for fast expansion strategies.
And I like Dwarf Dreadnought a lot but it’s too weak now.

6/ In your opinion, what are some of the best units by tier?
Hiliadan: T1: Goblin Swarm Darter, the best Archer but very squishy!
T2: I love Goblin Blight Doctor, especially when playing Theo which unlocks some Healing. The Weakneing is very synergistic both with the Blight damage of Goblins, but also with mind-control abilities.
Frostling White Witch are also extremly powerful and versatile (Swimming, Artic Concealment!)
T3: Nightshade Fairies are really badass. Trolls are of course very good in PBEM thanks to Regrowth.
Naga Matriarches are excellent contenders for the top T3 unit.
T4: I like Obsidian Dragons for their mobility, concealment and sheer strength but they’re clearly not the strongest units and they really rely too much on Blight. With v1.25, their Path of Blight becomes more interesting though.
Dread Reapers are probably among the best T4 in PBEM.

7/ What was the hardest match you played in this tournament?
Hiliadan: Before the final 2 matches, the hardest match was definitely vs Marcuspers. He attacked me with very strong stacks and it was not clear how I could beat him. I also made a very bad move with my main army because I thought 1 hex was Artic while it was Water. But in the end, that move might not have been that bad as Marcus lost his high-level AD and many good units when attacking me.
Video playlist of that match.

8/ What results do you expect for the 3 teams in the final phase?
Hiliadan: I expect the 2 matches for the final phase (if I beat gab) to be much much harder than all the other matches I played so far. I never ever beat gab (no one has, except Jean, in fact) and I know he is much better than me in many areas. I think I can beat Jean but that would also be quite difficult.
Jean beat gab once and I think he can repeat that.

So I would expect either: #1 Jean, #2 gab, #3 me or #1 me, #2 Jean, #3 gab depending on the results of the match between gab and me.

[Editor (who is also Hiliadan )'s note: in the end, gab beat Hiliadan and then Jean, making these forecasts totally wrong!]

9/ Any advice for players who would like to improve?
Hiliadan: Watch my videos!!
And also:
- read the guide on the Wikia
- watch videos from Marcus
- come play PBEM with us at
- play team games with experienced human players to learn from them

If you are really dedicated, you can also train specific tactical fights in single player by using cheat codes to get the army you want before entering a fight.

Old interviews:

  • 2015 PBEM Duel Tournament:

- Sjow (4th)
- Fistandantilus (3rd)
- Skuns453Lirik902 (finalist)
- gabthegab (winner)

  • 2016 PBEM 2vs2 Team Tournament:

- Jean de Metz and Melciar (The green elephant) (3rd) - first part, second part

If you're interested by competitive plays, please check this video library gathering most competitive PBEM and live MP videos.

Tourney won by Team Coup de Grâce!!
A great tourney eventually found his earned end!

2018-10-23 19:53:31| Posted by myl_supporter

A tourney ended successfully:

Thanks to all those who participated in this tourney !!
Congrats to the winner(s)! And a big thanks to the organizer myl_supporter!
The following matches were played:

<a href="" >Round 1: Game#1 Coup de Grâce beat King Serpents</a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#2 Bastards of the North beat Phoenix Rising</a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#3 Zia beat BF+MM</a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#4 SIN | The Sinners beat The Baballas </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#5 West Coasters beat Shadow and Flame </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#6 Team of Bears beat Team Mariusz</a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#7 The green elephant beat BroZ </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#8 rrrrookie & jonny thunder beat Reapers</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#9 Coup de Grâce beat Bastards of the North</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#10 SIN | The Sinners beat Zia </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#11 West Coasters beat Team of Bears </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#12 The green elephant beat rrrrookie & jonny thunder </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#13 Phoenix Rising beat King Serpents </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#14 The Baballas beat BF+MM </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#15 Shadow and Flame beat Team Mariusz </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#16 Reapers beat BroZ</a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#17 Coup de Grâce beat SIN | The Sinners</a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#18 West Coasters beat The green elephant </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#19 rrrrookie & jonny thunder beat Phoenix Rising </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#20 Team of Bears beat The Baballas </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#21 Zia beat Shadow and Flame </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#22 Bastards of the North beat BF+MM </a><br><a href="" >Round 4: Game#23 rrrrookie & jonny thunder beat Team of Bears </a><br><a href="" >Round 4: Game#24 Bastards of the North beat Zia </a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#25 Coup de Grâce beat West Coasters</a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#26 The green elephant beat rrrrookie & jonny thunder </a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#27 SIN | The Sinners beat Bastards of the North </a><br><a href="" >Round 6: Game#28 The green elephant beat SIN | The Sinners </a><br><a href="" >Round 7: Game#29 Bastards of the North beat The green elephant </a><br><a href="" >Round 8: Game#30 Coup de Grâce beat Bastards of the North </a><br>

And the winner was Coup de Grâce.
He will get an extra place in our Hall of Fame!

Good luck and have fun in the next tourneys!

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Interview of Jean de Metz & Melciar - 3rd of the 2016 2vs2 PBEM Tournament (part 2)
Interested in getting some insights into the strategies of some of the best players of AoW3? Want to know what they think are the best combos and units? This is part 2 of the first of a series of 3 interviews with the players who qualified for the final phase of the 2016 PBEM 2vs2 Team Tournament, which involved 16 teams.

2018-10-21 11:51:33| Posted by Hiliadan

An introduction to Jean and Melciar and the answers to the first questions of this interview can be found in the first part of the interview.

7/ How did you work in your team? Did you share screenshots or discuss strategies between turns? If yes, with what tools (Dropbox, text, call, …)?
Melciar: We discuss our strategy on Steam and Skype. We share screenshots too. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't help and everything goes wrong...

Jean: Team games are the most interesting format for me. I always discuss strategy and share screenshots with my teammates. I think that Skype and Discord are the best tools for it. I don't like Dropbox because you can only upload screenshots there and you still have to use other programs to contact you teammate. In Skype I can look at the screenshots and talk to my teammate at the same time. I like to discuss strategy via voice with Hellbrick.  

8/ What are the big differences between free for all and team games in your opinion? What strategies did you develop in your matches that you could not have achieved alone?
Melciar: FFA is almost survival. You need to catch the very moment when your neighbours fight each other and then attack the weakest. A team game is a format where you need to build your team strategy.

Jean: Team games are all about cooperation. Here you can take any class with its weaknesses because your teammate can help you. For example, you can play Dreadnought or Warlord in the underground but these classes are often blind there. As for summoners, you often face the following situation: you need to scout and summon units to your army at the same time. So a good teammate can always help you with scouting and different resources.
Right now I don't like FFA games. Honestly, I haven't yet finished any FFA games at all but right now I'm playing two games of this kind. In both of them I can see how powerful shadow diplomacy is. I believe that no matter how good you are at this game, you can never fight several players at the same time. It's challenging, yes, but not that interesting to me.
9/ What was the hardest match you played in this tournament?
Melciar: Every match was tough for me, really.

Jean: The hardest match was against Warlord Keldon and Fistandantilus (note from the editor: check out the detailed report of this game). In this game we were very close to defeat. I have to say that I always run the risk of not finishing my 2-2 tournament games in time. It makes it even more difficult for me because I have to keep in mind that the match can be decided by score.

 One of the tough battle of the game mentionned by Jean vs Fistandantilus and Warlord Keldon

10/ What results do you expect for the 3 teams in the final phase?
Melciar: I have no idea.

Jean: I expect my team to lose in the upcoming round. Melciar is definitely not ready for this tournament and I think that Bastards of the North will punish him for his mistakes. What's more, our opponents are placed very high in the rankings and I'm not sure I myself can outplay them.
I think that Gabriel will claim another title though Tussell can be his weakness now since he very rarely plays these days and can get out of shape.

(note from the editor: in the end, Melciar and Jean surrender their match against the Bastards of the North, for personal reasons, leaving their opponents to face Coup de Grâce in the finale)
11/ Any advice for players who would like to improve?
Melciar: Play a lot. Train fights vs the AI so that later you can play them automatically. Analyze your games.

Jean: I'm not going to say usual things here like "train tactical battles, scout better and cooperate with your teammates, etc". What's more important for me is the psychological aspect. I've heard some players say things like: "how can I defeat a true master like you?" or "he is just too good for me". I just can't understand this. Look, guys, Age of Wonders is not chess or any other intellectual game where you sometimes need to have a certain type of mind to show good results. Here everyone can win a game and you don't need to train for many years in order to defeat the top players on the battlefield. Believe in yourself. At the same time you need to understand that if you lose very often or can't win against somebody it's not because you are always unlucky...
Maybe you just do something wrong in this game? Try to change you play style or simply ask a strong player for an advice. That's why I always enjoy reading reports on the battlefield - I can find something new for me there. I myself write reports and play in team with different players where we can watch each other moves. I don't like when players say almost nothing after a game explaining that they don't want to reveal anything. How can new players learn then?

You can find some very good reports written by Jean (and others) in this thread, to follow his advice of learning by watching what others do - this screenshot illustrates his plans with Hellbrick to beat a double-AD combo, very good report

If you're interested by competitive plays, please check this video library gathering most competitive PBEM and live MP videos.

Tourney won by Player gabthegab !!
A great tourney eventually found his earned end!

2018-10-18 23:18:01| Posted by Hiliadan

A tourney ended successfully:

Thanks to all those who participated in this tourney !!
Congrats to the winner(s)! And a big thanks to the organizer Hiliadan!
The following matches were played:

<a href="" >Round 1: Game#1 Ezekiel beat Gilafron </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#2 Jundland Banshee beat xlnt </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#3 Mr. Hawk beat Skuns453Lirik902 </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#4 Olop beat Castaneda </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#5 marcuspers beat chiveicrook </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#6 HellBrick beat Imperium </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#7 personian beat Bishmanrock</a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#8 gabthegab beat El_Lobo </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#9 Zytozid beat natnat </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#10 rrrrookie beat DreadReapr </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#11 Hiliadan beat Melciar </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#12 DarkRider beat BLACKCAT </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#13 gladis beat rickyroo222</a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#14 Jean_de_Metz beat MARKYMARK </a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#15 $eeR beat THE RANGER</a><br><a href="" >Round 1: Game#16 Tussell beat AlXStormrage </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#17 Ezekiel beat Jundland Banshee</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#18 Olop beat Mr. Hawk </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#19 HellBrick beat marcuspers </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#20 gabthegab beat personian </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#21 rrrrookie beat Zytozid </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#22 DarkRider beat Hiliadan </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#23 Jean_de_Metz beat gladis</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#24 $eeR beat Tussell</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#25 xlnt beat Gilafron</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#26 Skuns453Lirik902 beat Castaneda </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#27 chiveicrook beat Imperium </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#28 El_Lobo beat Bishmanrock</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#29 DreadReapr beat natnat </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#30 Melciar beat BLACKCAT </a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#31 rickyroo222 beat MARKYMARK</a><br><a href="" >Round 2: Game#32 AlXStormrage beat THE RANGER </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#33 Ezekiel beat Olop</a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#34 gabthegab beat HellBrick</a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#35 rrrrookie beat DarkRider </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#36 Jean_de_Metz beat $eeR </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#37 xlnt beat Tussell </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#38 Skuns453Lirik902 beat gladis </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#39 Hiliadan beat chiveicrook </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#40 El_Lobo beat Zytozid </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#41 DreadReapr beat personian </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#42 marcuspers beat Melciar </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#43 Mr. Hawk beat rickyroo222 </a><br><a href="" >Round 3: Game#44 AlXStormrage beat Jundland Banshee </a><br><a href="" >Round 4: Game#45 xlnt beat Skuns453Lirik902 </a><br><a href="" >Round 4: Game#46 Hiliadan beat El_Lobo </a><br><a href="" >Round 4: Game#47 marcuspers beat DreadReapr </a><br><a href="" >Round 4: Game#48 AlXStormrage beat Mr. Hawk </a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#49 gabthegab beat Ezekiel </a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#50 Jean_de_Metz beat rrrrookie </a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#51 xlnt beat $eeR</a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#52 Hiliadan beat Mr. Hawk </a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#53 marcuspers beat HellBrick </a><br><a href="" >Round 5: Game#54 AlXStormrage beat Olop </a><br><a href="" >Round 6: Game#55 Hiliadan beat xlnt</a><br><a href="" >Round 6: Game#56 marcuspers beat AlXStormrage </a><br><a href="" >Round 7: Game#57 Jean_de_Metz beat gabthegab </a><br><a href="" >Round 7: Game#58 Hiliadan beat rrrrookie </a><br><a href="" >Round 7: Game#59 marcuspers beat Ezekiel </a><br><a href="" >Round 8: Game#60 Hiliadan beat marcuspers </a><br><a href="" >Round 9: Game#61 gabthegab beat Hiliadan </a><br><a href="" >Round 10: Game#62 gabthegab beat Jean_de_Metz </a><br>

And the winner was gabthegab.
He will get an extra place in our Hall of Fame!

Good luck and have fun in the next tourneys!

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PBEM and Single Player Balance Mod v1.25: further consolidation and SDNR
v1.25 was made available about 3 months after the release of v1.24, maintaining the good pace of the last two updates. It comes together with a new mod that is part of the balance mod but had to released separately for technical reasons: the Strong Defenders Normal Rewards or SNDR mod. This new version builds on the changes brought by previous versions, polishing the balance of Dreadnoughts, Necromancers and Tigrans, fixing 1 bug from the official game and improving the user experience (a few new icons).

2018-09-30 22:02:03| Posted by Hiliadan

v1.25 brings about 19 changes and 8 issue fixes (1 from the base game and 7 from the mod itself). It cannot be considered as a major update of the balance mod, but it nonetheless is an important milestone, bringing much needed rebalancing to how easily secret spells can be obtained and tweaking some classes or race.

The main issues covered by this update are:

  • "Decrease rewards or increase risks for high-level sites" (priority #11 based on the poll on the opinion of the community on balance) by adding direct damage spells to the two sites yielding secret spells that didn't have any yet: Sunken Cities and Forbidden Sanctums (Wizard Tower Ruins already had Prismatic Spire);

  • Rework the nerf to the Theocrat's Exalted Martyr rush strategy to make it easier to understand: Awakened Martyrs are removed but the same amount of XP is still needed to Evolve the Martyrs to Exalted. This is likely to get further rework in future versions as the current implementation is still unsatisfactory;

  • Preparation of round 1 of the 2018 PBEM 2vs2 Tourney: new square map sizes so that the distance east-west and north-south is the same and "Far Starting Position" really means players start far from each other (in the past, for north-south starts, players ended up closer to each other than for east-west starts), changes to rapids (blocked rivers) to avoid situations where players are severaly hampered by unlucky rapids cutting them from the rest of the map, and some balancing of the still relatively weak Dreadnought class and relatively strong Necro and Tigrans.

v1.25 also fixes one "bug" from the official version. Bug fixing is now one priority of the balance mod (as could already be seen in the article about v1.24), since Triumph now lacks time to fix some bugs, as patches for AoW3 are rarer and lighter than before.

v1.25 comes together with a new mod, the Strong Defenders Normal Rewards (SDNR) mod.

The SDNR mod: an integral part of the balance mod (logo courtesy of IIaanor)

This very important mod implements one change planned that couldn't be implemented directly in the main mod: "A new setting is available for “Defenders Strength”: “Strong with Normal rewards”: Treasure sites do not give +50% reward value any more" (change GC52 for those following closely the balance mod's proposals ).
It is advised to always use it when you play with Strong Defenders (in the settings of your games), but only then. If you use it with Normal Defenders, you would get -33% gold compared to what devs planned so that would seriously increase difficulty.

Looking at the future, v1.26 should be released on the beta branch of the balance in October. It will be a minor update with only 2 changes but a lot of updates to the imprecise or incorrect descriptions of abilities in the official game, improving user experience.
The work regarding racial governance (priority #3 expressed in the  poll about the directions the balance mod should take) is still under way on Triumph's old official forum.

Full changelog of v1.25 (also available on the official changelog of the balance mod)
Bug corrections
Bugs of the official game corrected:
- The Eternal Lords’ Beholder (Watcher) defender set for the Ziggurath now contains a Phoenix as all the other Beholder’s defender set (was contains only Watcher and Sphinx, in addition to Tigran units, so no T4)

Issues/bugs of the balance mod corrected:
- The Tome of Wonder’s entry for the Necromancer class no longer lists Raise Corpse as a starting ability for the heroes of that class
- Quick Dash’s healing does not work on units with Cannot Heal (from Death March) any more
- Befriend Animal’s description correctly displays the value of movement and morale penalties
- Dominate cannot be added through the Arcane Item Forge any more
- Stiffen Limbs’ description is updated
- Build Watchtower appears only once in the Tome of Wonders (was 9 times)
- [SDNR] Magma Forge, Gold Mine and Mana Node’s rewards are brought back to vanilla levels (was reduced by 33%)
Display improvement

New icons, courtesy of IIaanor, are added for the following abilities modified or added by the mod:
- Lesser Mighty Meek
- Lesser Charm
- Lesser Control Undead
- Combat Healing
- Reanimate Undead

The new icons available through v1.25: small tweaks to existing icons to make it easier to distinguish abilities and improve user experience (for instance Lesser Mighty Meek has its arms down instead of up)

- Tournament size 65 x 73 becomes Tournament square 73 x 73   
- A new “Square Medium” map size is available: 89 x 89 (by comparison, Medium is 73 x 97).
- Kwapa, Nashac and, Falenas get Awaken Spirit and 2 free points (was nothing in the balance mod and Befriend Animal in the official version)
- Forbidden Sanctum's battle enchantment is Mass Bless / Mass Curse and Shock Missile (starting with 1 turn cooldown) cast every turn on a random enemy unit
- Sunken City's battle enchantment is Frost Missile (cast every turn on an enemy unit, starting with 1 turn cooldown)
- The True Resurrect skill unlocks two spells : True Resurrect (50 CP) which can affect any unit and Greater Resurrect (25 CP) which can affect only allied units (was True Resurrect costs 25 CP and can affect any unit).
- A new Avatar spell, “Clear River” (rapids) is available as a starting spell. It allows to terraform blocked rivers into (unblocked) rivers (when in domain) for 12 mana per hex.
- Blocked Rivers (rapids) are now generated only as small sections of rivers (about 5 hexes long), and not as long rivers

Rapids are now generated as small patches of contiguous rapids (3 hexes and 1 hex here)

- Path of xx (Frost, Decay, Life, …) abilities become strategic activable abilities giving the Path for 1 turn

Yeti, Arch Angel, Fallen Angel, Elite Dread Reapers and Obsidian Dragons, Cape of Rot wearing heroes or Leaders, can now all control when their "Path of" is active, selecting the locations to transform hex by hex

Arch Druid
- Poison Domain can be cast on cities owned by the caster's allies (was only caster’s cities)

- Inject Mana Fuel has cooldown 3 and can be dispelled (was Once per battle and cannot be dispelled).
- Dreadnoughts get +5 gold/Village

- Stiffen Limb has a strength 13 Spirit check and cost 7 CP. If it fails, its target gets -12 MP for one turn (was no attack check).
- Lesser Reanimate Undead is removed for heroes and Leaders and  Greater Reanimate Undead is renamed Reanimate Undead
- Ghouling Strike does not give any damage bonus (was +5 physical, +5 blight)
- Whispers of the Fallen is Tier 2 and costs 120 RP (was Tier 1 and 60 RP)

- Martyr have a specific tier parameter: they reach Expert at 70 XP instead of 35 XP and reach Elite at 140 XP instead of 70 XP. Regeneration is available at Expert (was Elite). Awakened Martyrs are removed.

- Tigran cities get +3 gold bonus (was 5)

- Unicorns get Healing on Elite

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1. Runde offen
es kann getippt werden!

2018-08-30 11:08:14| Posted by myl_supporter

Folgende Partien stehen fest:
daddy_Felix vs nighty
Aris vs Simflaive
Fandazma vs Croxy76
Phönix vs schreije

Bis zum 1.9 besteht die Möglichkeit auf Spiele zu tippen. Jeder Benutzer hat 5 Free Coins und kann falls man genügend erspielt hat es mit einem Preis umtauschen.

Call of War
Ein Multiplayer Browser-Aufbauspiel im Zeichen des 2. Weltkriegs

2018-08-14 13:12:02| Posted by myl_supporter

Wir beginnen hier mit den Aufbau einer BF-Community für das Browserspiel "Call of War".

Übernimm die Kontrolle einer mächtigen Nation in der Zeit des 2. Weltkriegs. Erobere Provinzen, schmiede Bündnisse und baue deine Wirtschaft auf.
Leite eine Koalition oder schließe dich einer an.

Bei Interesse organisieren wir Turniere, bauen eine Liga auf oder veranstalten Szenarien.

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Call of War
Ein Multiplayer Browser-Aufbauspiel im Zeichen des 2. Weltkriegs

2018-08-14 13:05:21| Posted by myl_supporter

Wir beginnen hier mit den Aufbau einer BF-Community für das Browserspiel "Call of War".

Übernimm die Kontrolle einer mächtigen Nation in der Zeit des 2. Weltkriegs. Erobere Provinzen, schmiede Bündnisse und baue deine Wirtschaft auf.
Leite eine Koalition oder schließe dich einer an.

Bei Interesse organisieren wir Turniere, bauen eine Liga auf oder veranstalten Szenarien.

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CIV6 Tournament
Every civ player is welcome!

2018-08-14 12:32:19| Posted by myl_supporter

We invite all CIVLers to our MP Tournament 2018!

Played in PBEM mode (live multiplayer possible as desired).
In order to play in the tournament you need an account on BF and in the civforum!

If interested post accordingly in the thread of civforums.
There are all information!

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CIV6 Turnier
Jeder CIVler ist willkommen

2018-08-14 12:30:02| Posted by myl_supporter

Wir laden alle CIVLer zu unseren MP Turnier 2018 ein!

Gespielt wird im PBEM Modus (Live Multiplayer möglich nach Wunsch).
Um bei dem Turnier mitzuspielen wird ein Account auf BF und im civforum benötigt!

Bei Interesse postet entsprechend im Thread des civforums.
Dort stehen alle Informationen!

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