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+1:00  Kolumbus


Last seen:
4 days ago

Player's team:
Did not join any team


Statistics for league Civilization V:

League active since (- until):  2010-10-01(League currently active)

Matches: 2

Wins: 2  Losses: 0  Draws (no winner): 0 

First match: 2021-04-23  Last match: 2021-12-06

Opponents defeated: 10  Losses against opponents: 0

Player won against Choppix TEK_REBELL Admiral G schreije Alfred (Egypt-RamessesII ) | 6

Player won against Choppix Admiral G Oskar uma GoodOldErin (random ) | 6

Match overview of player Kolumbus

Statistics for league Civilization 6:

League active since (- until):  2016-10-09(League currently active)

Matches: 5

Wins: 2  Losses: 3  Draws (no winner): 0 

First match: 2020-11-30  Last match: 2021-11-12

Opponents defeated: 2  Losses against opponents: 5

Player lost against llower (Japan-Hojo Tokimune ) | 4

Player lost against Nighty (random ) | 2

Player won against FANDAZMA (random ) | 2

Player won against Fry3k (Maori-Kupe ) | 2

Player lost against Buktu (Dutch-Wilhelmina ) | 2

Match overview of player Kolumbus


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<smiletext17> <smiletext18> <smiletext19> <smiletext20> <smiletext21> <smiletext22> <smiletext23> <smiletext24>


No achievements yet

Gender: No statement
Nationality: No statement
Time zone: UTC +1:00 language setting: Deutsch
Last action at: 2023-01-28 11:38:42
Age & birthday date: 39 | 1984-01-17
Latest visitors: GoodOldErin
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